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Posted July 31, 2014
Sabbath School                                                                                                9:45 am
Superintendent’s Remarks – Peter Griswold
Bible Study Lesson –The Teachings of Jesus “How to Be Saved”
       “       “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life “ (John 3:14-15, NKJV).
        As  the Israelites were being bitten by snakes in the desert, God instructed Moses to make a bronze one and place it on a pole so that whoever was bitten could look at it and be saved.
       What healing properties can a bronze snake have? None. Healing came only from God. By looking at the bronze statue, however, the Israelites demonstrated their faith in God as their only hope of life and salvation.
       The Lord wanted to teach them a spiritual lesson. He transformed a symbol of death into a symbol of life. That bronze serpent was a symbol of Christ, who became the Bearer of our sins in order to save us. By faith, we can all look to Christ lifted up on the cross and find a cure from the deadly sting of the old serpent, Satan.
      Otherwise, we are fated to die in our sins. The Word of God expresses what should be painfully obvious: as human beings, we are sinners in need of grace. That grace has been offered to us in Christ Jesus.
       This week we will look at Jesus’ teachings regarding the simple practical steps needed for salvation.    Source:  Sabbath School Quarterly  p 38.

The Church at Praise                                                                             10:50-11:00 am               

  • Please keep Melany, Nathan, and Steven Myers and family in your prayers. Especially Melany’s  Dad.   Thank you!
  • Please continue to pray for Betty Williamson.Especially for sleep at night.
  • Church  Business Meeting Sunday August 3rd, 10:30 am. :   This is an important  meeting to discuss the proposed elevator lift.  All members encouraged to attend
  • Tuesday Prayer Line:Stay connected by prayer.Join us by phone on Tuesday nites.See insert for details.
 Sunset  Today:  8:02                                                                  Next Friday:   7:53
Entering His Presence to Worship                                                 11:00 a.m. 
Introit*                                                                                               Congregation
Call to Worship                                                                              Susan Walajtys
                                                           “Psalm 105:1-5"
Invocation & Welcome*                                                                 Joe Ewing-Chow
Opening Hymn**                                                                               Hymnal  #205
                                               “Gleams of the Golden Morning”
Tithes & Offerings*                                                                           Sandy Cregan
                                                Local Church Budget
Doxology**                                                                                        Hymnal # 694
                                            “Praise God, From Whom All Blessings”
Prayer of Intercession and Praise*                                                  Joe Ewing-Chow
Hymn                                     “As We Come to You in Prayer”            Hymnal #671
Response***                                                                                        Hymnal #684        
                                                        “Hear Our Prayer, O Lord”
Youth Story*                                                                                      Maggie Dunder
Scripture Reading                                                                                Susan Walajtys
                                                        “Philippians 4:4-7”                              
Musical Selection                                                                      The Williams Brothers
Sermon                                                                                                  Larry Dunder
                                                            "The Overcomers”
Hymn of Consecration**                                                                        Hymnal #327
                                                       "I'd Rather Have Jesus”
Benediction                                                                                          Larry Dunder
Postlude              *                                                                                                             Selections
* Please be Seated         **Please Stand                 ***Please Kneel
*     *     *     *     *
Offering next week: WB* / Oakwood / Andrews /
                                     Loma Linda Universities

Pastor Barry Kimbrough  (508)243-1289  ****[can receive texts or calls!]]
Email:  morninglightwpep@yahoo.com
Elder Joe Ewing-Chow (401)284-3131        Clerk Robert Turner (401)782-4796
Elder Larry Dunder    (401)539-3418              Treasurer Peter Cregan (401)862-4258
Elder Sandy Cregan    (401)862-6593
Church address: 8050 Post Rd, N. Kingstown, RI  02852        Phone: (401) 294-6356
Mail: PO Box 41, N. Kingstown, RI 02852                             website: www.risda.org
Church Calendar
  • Sermon today by  Elder Larry Dunder.
Songfest:  Today, 3-5 pm! Worcester Airport SDA Church,  2 Airport Drive,
Worcester, MA   01604

Hugh J, Nathan and Denise will be performing for it God willing. 
 It should be a great time, showing the wonderful talents that we've been blessed with.
 More info see Denise.
Sunday, August 3, 10:30 am,  Church Business Meeting!
Information on an elevator lift to safely transport our elderly or infirmed safely to the fellowship hall.   All members are encouraged to attend.
Sunday, August 3, ACS Disaster Response Training!
9:30 am -3:30 pm, Waterford SDA Church
See flyer for more info or ask Joe Ewing-Chow.
Prayer Warriors Needed!!!! 
Please keep Betty Williamson from the Johnston Church in your prayers.
Please keep Sue Quigley and her husband, Leroy in your prayers.   Leroy had a heart attack and possible stroke this past week.
Please keep Melany in your prayers as she travels back from the Philippines. 

  • Please pray for our Prison Ministry Teams which meet on the following days:
•     Mondays:  ACI Medium One led by Chip Langley.
•     Tuesdays: women’s  ministry teams that meet at the ACI on Mondays and Tuesdays.
•     Thursdays:  ACI –minimum security led by Charlie Petit, David Baron, and Rick Pelletier. More volunteers are needed.  Call Charlie: 397-4514.
  • Tuesdays: 7:30 pm, Prayer and Praise by Phone: Wickford church will meet every Tuesday by conference phone.   Call 1-209-647-1000 (it is a California number, so long distance charges may apply) then enter access code: 499 954 #  (pound sign).  Questions or info Maggie 539-3418
  • Wednesdays: Prayer meeting:No meetings till further notice. 
  • Save the Date!   Sunday, August 3, 10:30 am, Church Business Meeting!   Information on an elevator lift to safely transport our elderly or infirmed safely to the fellowship hall.   All members are encouraged to attend.
    Sunday August 17thCedar Brook School Picnic
     10 a.m. - 2 p.m.        Corn Roast is at 1:00 p.m.
    Work bee          Final Registration
    School Begins at Cedar Brook School on Wednesday, August 20.
    Sabbath, August 2,   Presentation of “The Chosen Garment” by Steven Mosely, author and writer for It Is Written and other media ministries is scheduled for in New Bedford. This is an afternoon vespers presentation with highlights from the whole Bible in 40 minutes. The program will begin at 6:30 Sabbath afternoon, at the Lantern Lane church, 246 Lantern Lane, New Bedford. This dramatic presentation is very visual and powerful. It is appropriate for your non-churched friends and we are inviting other area churches, and youth groups to enjoy the presentation with us. A love offering will be taken to help with expenses.
    Joseph Bates Annual Heritage outdoor vespers program is scheduled for September 6. Program will begin at 4:30pm and will include singing of advent songs, historical sketches, and, new this year, a dramatic appearance of "James White” in period character. Other churches have asked to join us this year, so the presentations will represent participants from several churches. The theme for this year’s Bates house historical vespers is “The Founding Trio”, Joseph Bates, Ellen Harmon White, and James White. The presentation will show how these individuals came to know each other and how they joined their efforts in helping to establish what we now know as the Seventh-day Adventist Church. You will be inspired by their dedication and sacrifice.
    When? Sabbath afternoon, September 6, 4:30pm.
    Where? Joseph Bates’ boyhood home, 191 Main Street, Fairhaven, MA
    Why? To strengthen our ties to our roots and to learn the providence of God in raising up His church
    Who? Any one wishing to deepen their devotion to our Creator and God as founder of the Adventist Movement.
    The program will be preceded by a pot luck picnic. Watch for more information and a flyer in a couple weeks. Contact Pastor Hallock 508-961-7359, for more information or to offer your help with the event.
                              “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1:9 (NIV)
  • A Message to Youth 
  • I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong,and the word of God abideth in you,and ye have overcome the wicked one. 1 John 2:14. 
  •         The children and youth, with their fresh talent, energy, and courage, their quick susceptibilities, are loved of God, and He desires to bring them into harmony with divine agencies....
            Our children stand, as it were, at the parting of the ways. On every hand the world’s enticements to self-seeking and self-indulgence call them away from the path cast up for the ransomed of the Lord. Whether their lives shall be a blessing or a curse depends upon the choice they make.... They belong to Christ. They are the purchase of His blood, the claim of His love. They live because He keeps them by His power. Their time, their strength, their capabilities, are His, to be developed, to be trained, to be used for Him....
           Young men and young women, gather a stock of knowledge.... Keep reaching higher and still higher. It is the ability to put to the tax the powers of mind and body, ever keeping eternal realities in view, that is of value now. Seek the Lord most earnestly, that you May become more and more refined, more spiritually cultured. Then you will have the very best diploma that any one can have—the endorsement of God.
            However large, however small, your talents, remember that what you have is yours only in trust. Thus God is testing you, giving you opportunity to prove yourself true.... To Him belong your powers of body, mind, and soul, and for Him these powers are to be used. Your time, your influence, your capabilities, your skill—all must be accounted for to Him who gives all....
            With such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world! How soon might the end come—the end of suffering and sorrow and sin! How soon, in place of a possession here, with its blight of sin and pain, our children might receive their inheritance where “the righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein for ever” (Psalm 37:29).
    Source:  “In Heavenly Places” by EG White.
    “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray.
    Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.”
    James 5:13 (NIV)
    The following 2 testimonies are found in the revival and reformation newsletter.   You can read these and more at this website: revivalandreformation.org

  • Sleep Program Saves Family from Suicide
    The Kiev Adventist Christian Medical Center, located a few kilometers from the heart of Kiev where the civil unrest broke out, opened recently. While many have fled the city, the staff of the medical center remain, faithfully sharing the healing love of Jesus through comprehensive methods.
    Yury Bondarenko, MD, MPH, medical director, shares this powerful testimony. Inspite of the turmoil, 20 people attended an evening program on healthy sleep. Following the close of the last evening, a 39-year-old woman came to Dr. Yury and told him, “Thank you, especially for the spiritual part of the program." "Praise the Lord,” He replied.
    “But,” she continued, “this program through the four evenings was a real blessing and the salvation for me and my children.” She then explained that she had found a tall 17-floor building with access to the roof so she and her two children could commit suicide by jumping to their deaths. “After two meetings I found hope, and decided not to commit suicide with my children! I found kind people who took a genuine interest in us.”
    Please pray for the people of Ukraine and the staff of this new Center of Influence, that the Hope of Jesus will reach many more discouraged people.
    Fred Hardinge, DrPH, RD, FADA      Associate Director of Health Ministries
    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
    “Then you will know the truth,
     and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32 (NIV)
    In their own Words
    “In the Oroshaza, Hungary church we are experiencing a revival. We experience the greatest blessing through the prayer for the Holy Spirit and through the participation in the Global Bible Reading plan [Revived by His Word]. . . .
    "For many of our members the daily Scripture passage is part of our morning devotionals. In addition to that we read the daily blogs, which are much appreciated.  Since April 2012 our church discusses collectively the passages we’ve read during the week for the Sabbath afternoon worship service. In case we have a guest speaker or an outreach program for Sabbath afternoon, we discuss the passages during the following Sabbath afternoon service.
    "These changes revived our community! We have experienced that through Bible study and prayer we have come closer to our God. Through studying the Word, responding to the appeal of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures, and through many answered prayers – healings, restored relationships, strengthened faith - we have grown stronger. We have gained confidence in this uncertain world. God is waiting for us to draw nearer to Him, to seek His face, to know Him, and to ask Him to intervene in our lives, to ask Him for a solution where we don’t see any. God’s answers to our prayers and the personal relationship with Him are the greatest strength to us.”
    Antal Rajki, Pastor    Oroshaza, Hungary
  • The Program Health of Body, Mind, & Spirit airs on Fridays and Tuesdays in Kent county channel Cox18 or Verizon 31 and Saturdays at 2:30 on channels Cox 14 or Verizon 33.
  • Jointoday the 777global initiative. Every night at 7 pm, every one is invited to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit  upon our local church, upon our world church and upon each other.
  • North Kingston Food Pantry Food Drive:Your continued support of the Food Pantry is appreciated. Bring your donations to church & we will deliver them to the Pantry.


“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD.” Psalm 150:6 (NIV)

Our Supreme Obligation
“But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”  1 Peter 5:10.
So perfect is the character represented which men must have in order to be Christ’s disciples that the infidel has said that it is not possible for any human being to attain unto it. But no less a standard must be presented by all who claim to be children of God. Infidels know not that celestial aid is provided for all who seek for it by faith. Every provision has been made in behalf of every soul who shall seek to be a partaker of the divine nature and be complete in Jesus Christ. Every defect is to be discerned and cut away from the character with an unsparing decision.
 The people of God are to turn every action into devotion. They are to partake of every meal as if they knew it was a token of the love of the infinite God expressed to them. The termination of one duty is to be the commencement of the next that presents itself. Then the Christian character will be manifest in a life of continuous obedience and service to Jesus Christ.
Whatever business engagements men May yoke up with, if Christians, they must wear the yoke of duty to Christ. This is their allegiance. They are to consider themselves bound by superior obligations. The Master, Jesus Christ, has placed His yoke upon the neck of every disciple. The life service is pledged to Him in accepting His yoke. Anything that will mar or hinder his perfect service to God is to be broken off, whatever its nature or character May be....
The Lord has united His nature with humanity expressly that He might become a more distinguishable and definite object for our contemplation and love. He invites us to draw near and contemplate the great light, the invisible God invested in robes of humanity, emitting a glory so softened and subdued that our eyes can endure the sight. Christ is the light of heaven. In His face we shall see God. Bear in mind the prayer of Christ, that His people May be one with Him as He is one with the Father, that they May be with Him where He is and behold His glory.
Source:   ‘In Heavenly Places’  by EG White.
“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11  (NIV)
GC Employees Stop Work for Prayer
During the week of June 16-19, 2014, General Conference employees witnessed an unprecedented emphasis on prayer when they were encouraged by the General Conference president, Ted N C Wilson, to stop their work for an hour each day to pray together.
    “We need to pray for so many things,” says Wilson, “including our humility to recognize God as the leader of our lives and the Advent movement to accomplish His last-day work . . ." Throughout the week, time was given to personal prayer, corporate prayer, prayer in pairs, in groups, and united prayer. 
    We need to do this more often,” one employee commented. “I felt spiritually uplifted,” said another.                    “We really need more prayer, and this was a good start,” said a third.
    The prayer focus for each day varied with the leaders, and included prayer for youth, children, education, women, personal ministries, publishing, military personnel, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Revival and Reformation, and Mission to the Cities―major cities of the world, as well as cities where workers were born. 
     “God would work mightily for His people today if they would place themselves wholly under His guidance,” writes Ellen White. “They need the constant abiding of the Holy Spirit. If there were more prayer in the councils of those bearing responsibilities, more humbling of the heart before God, we should see abundant evidence of divine leadership, and our work would make rapid progress” ―Testimonies for the Church, vol. 8, p. 238.
   The call to prayer developed out of a planning meeting, where young adult leaders actually suggested the idea. “This [stopping work for prayer] will send a powerful message to young adults that the church takes prayer seriously,” said Natasha Nebblett, GYC President.
   “We are living at the end of time and the Lord is preparing His church for the final loud cry,” Wilson concluded. “God wants to see His church completely dependent on Him for all our needs and for the power we will need in the future to accomplish His specific plans for His end-time, Bible-believing, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled remnant church―a people who depend completely on the simple reading and understanding of God’s Holy Word and acceptance of His last-day messages to us through the Spirit of Prophecy.”
Youth-Led Ten Days of Prayer
The youth from the Mizo Conference in Northeast India organized their own Ten Days of Prayer and chose a temperance emphasis. They camped out in tents and had up to 500 young people participating for ten days. Although feeding that many people could be expensive, lay members donated specific items, such as bags of rice, lentils, or cash to help defray the cost and they never ran out of food. "It was wonderful witnessing what was taking place in various places of the camp," said Lalchansanga Colney, from the Southern Asia Division. "Hundreds of young people experienced a revival."
Most of the speakers were not ordained pastors, but young people, who shared from their hearts. Many young people fasted and prayed. Hundreds of young people confessed their sins and gave their lives to the Lord.  Some, with tears in their eyes, cried out loud to God as they prayed. A former Pentecostal church leader who accepted the Adventist faith gave his testimony for two hours. He was baptized the following Sabbath. Hundreds of Adventist young people gave their testimonies. By God’s grace, revival, genuine revival, is taking place in Mizoram.
A young lady gave a testimony and shared that, after giving her heart to Jesus, she could no longer join some of the activities that the non-Adventists had been involved in, specifically with a secular singing group. Although she was a good singer, her friends and many others made fun of her. With tears in her eyes, she said, “Now I want to be a member of the heavenly choir and be among the 144,000.”  Please pray for these young people, that the Holy Spirit will continue to work on them and use them to tell others about Jesus.
Source:  Lalchansanga Colney     Southern Asia Division
United Prayer Works!
United prayer is not a new concept.  In fact it's as old, or older, than the Bible. What did Jehosaphat do when the neighboring tribes came to wage war against him (2 Chronicles 20)? Or, Esther, when she approached the King on behalf of her people (Esther 4)? Watch ten short video spots on the power of united prayer at RevivalandReformation.tv/home. The video spots, produced by Andre Brink, Associate Director of the General Conference Communication Department, and filmed in Morocco, feature Bible characters whose lives were changed when believers prayed in one accord on their behalf. The series concludes with a 30-minute documentary on united prayer. The spots are being translated into 40 different languages, including subtitles in some languages for the deaf. These video spots call believers to humble, fervent fasting and prayer so the Holy Spirit’s power can be unleashed, obstacles be removed, and the Word of God go forth around the world so Jesus can come soon.
777 Praying Gives Church Vitality
In 2013 we adopted the 777 prayer strategy in our church. We had challenges which included low church membership, lateness for church services, weak and unfocused leadership, few youths singing in the youth choir, no organized church programs for the Pathfinders, and others. The church seemed to be on the verge of dying then with a lot of lethargy. But now, thank God, we need to add more pews! True revival has been witnessed! Strong youth programs, refreshing church events and the best thing is, we are still witnessing beyond the church into the community with acts of kindness to those in need. 
Read these and more testimonies on revivalandreformation.com.

We would love to have you worship with us.

Sabbaths (Saturdays):

  •  Bible Study at 10:00 AM
  • Worship Service at 11:00 AM
Church address: 8050 Post Rd, N. Kingstown, RI  02852 (401) 294-6356




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